SP72 Series

Single-Plane Imaging Scanners

The SP72 is Zebra’s next-generation single plane imaging scanner designed for retail and general-purpose  applications such as manned lanes, self-checkout, other self-service applications and more. Join the webinar to learn about the launch plans for this new scanner.

Simplify your checkout experience and improve your bottom line with high-performance in-counter and on-counter scanning

Retailers are looking to create a more convenient checkout experience and improve their bottom line — and the SP72 Series delivers. These high-performance single-plane scanners elevate the checkout experience in both self-checkout and cashier-manned lanes in grocery, convenience, pharmacy and specialty stores. Available in both vertical (on-counter) and
horizontal (in-counter) models, the SP72 Series offers a tiered feature set to match your customer’s application and budget needs — including an optional color camera to enable vision-based applications that can reduce shrink at self-checkout.

With “swipe and go” scanning, checkouts are faster than ever

With high swipe speeds and a large reading area, the SP72 Series makes scanning second nature. Barcodes are captured as quickly as they’re presented. Since there’s less need to precisely position a barcode, cashiers can focus more on the customer and self-checkout users can enjoy a seamless experience.

Keep every checkout lane moving

Thanks to a high-resolution 2.3 megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the SP72 Series offers unparalleled performance on virtually any 1D, 2D, Digimarc®, paper and mobile barcode. Poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, or faded barcodes — the SP72 Series can capture them all. And offset illumination enables trouble-free scanning of reflective barcodes on glass bottles, mobile phones or cellophane packaging.

Fast Checkouts for Manned and Self-Checkout Lanes

The compact vertical SP72-V can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall or table; its flat face design easily fits into self-checkout enclosures and kiosks. The horizontal SP72-H offers a zero footprint, in-counter design and is a drop-in replacement for popular legacy installations. You can choose the level of features you need: SP7201 for high-performance scanning with all the essential features needed at the POS, or the premium SP7208 that offers the same high performance, plus more advanced features such as a color camera option for vision-based applications like loss prevention.

A Higher ROI for Self-Checkout — Less Shrink

The vertical SP72-V is the first single-plane scanner with a 2.3 MP color camera option.2 The camera provides a large field of view and captures even the smallest details, enabling a wealth of vision-based applications to help minimize shrink and fraud at self-checkout. An application can identify a mismatch between the item scanned and the associated barcode — for example, if a barcode from a less-expensive item is placed on a more expensive item for purchase. And the presence of a live video stream can deter customers from attempting checkout fraud.

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