Western Digital – WD Red HDDs for NAS

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The Power of WD Red

The WD Red family of Hard Drives and SSDs are custom engineered to meet the needs of your NAS and simplify choosing the optimal drive for your workload. WDs unique position as a vertically integrated manufacturer of Hard Drives and Flash, allows WD to deliver tailored quality from the media to the firmware and the mechanical design. WD’s high-capacity drives feature industry-first innovations and custom NASware technology while the SSDs leverage decades of experience to deliver you reliable high-speed storage and caching options.

Celebrating 10 Years of Acclaimed NAS Storage

This year, WD is celebrating 10 years since the launch of WD Red! The WD Red range was designed specifically for use in NAS environments to ensure optimal performance.

As part of the WD Colour Range, WD Red has become synonymous with trusted NAS storage and has grown to provide a wide array of options for your NAS, whether it’s for home, office or business use. WD Red Hard Drives now include options in a range of capacities from 1 to 22TB to store anything from family photos to the massive growth in data created by the business.

Recently, Western Digital also introduced WD Red SSDs, in both SATA and NVMeTM to provide high-speed capacity and caching to accelerate access to your data to keep pace with increasing system and network speeds.

So, whether it’s capacity or speed, WD Red have you covered!

WD Red Hard Drives

Due to the fact that the range of use cases for NAS has become increasingly diverse, WD has made it much easier for you to match the right drive with your applications and workloads – from moderate small office/home office workloads, and more intensive medium-business use, right through to the very demanding environments within enterprises. The chart below helps you see at-a-glance, the best fit for your needs but here’s a quick overview of each drive in the Red family:

WD Red Pro

The top-performance HDD solution for the higher bay counts of intensive business workloads of up to 300TB per year.

WD Red Plus

For high workload requirements of up to 180TB per year for Small Office and Medium Business users, these drives meet the needs of the ZFS community.

WD Red

For personal/Home office applications with light to moderate workloads and extended idle time.

RedRed PlusRed Pro
Technology TypeSMRCMRCMR
Capacities2TB – 6TB1TB – 14TB2TB – 18TB
InterfaceSATA 6Gb/sSATA 6Gb/sSATA 6Gb/s
Form Factor2.5/3.5-inch3.5-inch3.5-inch
RPM (max)540072007200
Cache (max)256MB512MB512MB
Max NAS bays1 – 81 – 81 – 24

*Specification may vary according to series or capacity.

WD Red Solid State Drives

WD Red SSDs can be used as main storage or as a front-end cache to accelerate access and performance in multiple use cases, whether accessing large photo libraries or running virtual machines.

WD Red SN700WD Red SA500
Capacities250GB – 4TB500GB – 4TB
Form FactorsM.2 2280 Gen 3X4 NVMe 1.32.5″ / M.2 2280
Endurance (TBW)Up to 5,100Up to 2,500
Reads (MB/s)Up to 3,430Up to 560
Writes (MB/s)Up to 3,100Up to 530
Random Reads (IOPS)Up to 550KUp to 95K
Random Writes (IOPS)Up to 560KUp to 85K
MTTF (Hours)1.75M2M

*Specification may vary according to series or capacity.