NAS Station Range

(NAS) provides a centralized location on a network to store data. A Synology NAS goes beyond that, enabling you to build a private cloud to store, access, back up, and share files freely and securely.

Data Management Systems

Explore Synology’s lineup of versatile NAS/SAN systems that already empower millions of individuals

XS+/XS Series

High performance storage solutions for businesses, engineered for reliability.


Plus Series

Accelerate data management with expanded data protection and management capabilities.



Value Series

Private cloud solution designed for easy data management, secure sharing, and more.


J Series

Get started with consolidating your files together, with simple management and sharing options.


DiskStation Manager 7.2

Immutable storage and backup, fast full-volume encryption, and stricter access controls. The new DSM lets you turn your system into a true data fortress.

Performance and efficiency

Turbocharge VM performance

M.2 NVMe storage volumes are now supported on more systems. Choose between speeding up larger volumes with SSD cache or creating nimble all-flash storage volumes.

Now also available on:

  • 22 Series: DS1522+
  • 21 Series: DS1621+, DS1821+, DS1621xs+

Protect more data, faster

New support for block-level full-system backups in Hyper Backup significantly speeds up backing up of large quantities of data.

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Over faster full system vs individual tasks

Dispense with duplicates

Inline zero-block removal speeds up deduplication by cutting post-process dedupe times, while maintaining I/O performance and reducing writes to SSDs.

Access controls

Adaptive login protection

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is often not enabled. Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) now demands confirmation when DSM admin accounts are accessed from untrusted external connections.

New defenses against attacks

An expanded Auto Block in DSM 7.2 covers SMB connections, significantly reducing the possibility of brute-force attacks succeeding against weaker credentials.

QuickConnect servers now globally ban IP addresses after several failed authentication attempts.

One account to take you anywhere

Expanded SSO Server and SSO client protocol support in DSM 7.2 enables convenient single-account access no matter what provider is used.

Synology C2 for Education

Complete protection for school data

The Program is designed to help educational institutions manage and protect data, safely store and transfer data with end-to-end encryption to secure your digital assets.

Extra protection for your work

Protect staff and student files with a simple consolidated portal built to prevent data loss due to technical failure or human error.

Speed up authentication

Simplify access to both private systems and cloud applications with central management.

Secure filesharing

Share files safely using secure links and content protection features designed to prevent leaking.

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