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Software-as-a-Service Backup (SaaS)

With more users than ever working remotely, organisations are more reliant than ever on cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace and the data created in them is vital to business operations.

Despite some common misconceptions, this data is not backed up automatically by Microsoft or Google, who instead prioritise platform availability.

Protecting Microsoft 365 Data.

To ensure data is protected against threats such as loss, corruption or accidental or purposeful deletion it is vital for businesses to protect the data they create in cloud platforms with the same policies they use to protect physical data. 

Additional benefits to having a secure third-party backup of your M365 data include: 

  • Avoiding dependency – Without full control of your data, the capability to act straight away once an issue becomes apparent may be taken out of your hands.
  • Setting your own retention policies – Ensure that your cloud protection adheres to the same retention policies you set for your physical data. 

Redstor backup includes full suite protection for Microsoft 365 allowing you to backup OneDrive, Sharepoint, Exchange and Teams data.

Protecting Microsoft 365 Data with Redstor
Protecting Google Workspace data with Redstor

Protecting Google Workspace Data.

Like Microsoft, Google prioritise platform uptime and availability so protecting the data created in these platforms is just as important. In addition to helping organisations avoid dependency and setting their own retention policies, benefits include: 

  • Streamlined management – Backups are automated and can be easily managed from a single console complete. Additional backups can be run as required and set-up takes less than 15-minutes.
  • The ability to easily evidence compliance – Administrators can quickly and easily evidence compliance with audit trails and reporting ensuring data protection policies are being upheld.

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