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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware and malware strains are still one of the top threats to businesses in 2021, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises all organisations to take a ‘defence-in-depth’ approach to ransomware protection. 

Taking regular backups and ensuring that any devices containing backup data are not permanently connected to networks is also advised.

What is ransomware and malware?

Malware refers to a malicious software which is able to cause harm to an organisation’s digital estate by either stealing, deleting, encrypting or otherwise accessing data in an unauthorised manner. 

Cyber-criminals can use malware strains to attack organisations, taking control of data or locking them out of systems. If this is done, criminals will often demand a ransom is paid for the return of data and access to systems, this is commonly referred to as ransomware.

Rapid Recovery.

No single solution can completely guarantee that an organisation is safe against the threats of ransomware and other malwares. This is in part because cyber-criminals often rely on human-intervention for an infection to take hold, in many cases this will be accidental or may involve additional factors such as phishing to gain access to systems. 

With Redstor you can quickly and easily recover data in the event of a ransomware infection and as data is securely stored away from the primary network there is no chance of backups becoming infected.

Watch the demo video provided to see just how quickly you could recover from ransomware.

Malware Protection.

As cyber-criminals look to hide their activities in inventive ways, the average time to detect a malware breach has risen to 206 days. It is vital to be able to detect and remove malware from systems to ensure data is safe. 

Redstor’s AI-driven Malware Detection enables the detection and removal of malicious data from within backups to ensure that clean recoveries can take place whenever they are needed.

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