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ActivPanel 9

Learning, transformed
Connectivity | The only interactive panel
with ActivSync technology


The only interactive panel with ActivSync technology

  • Save and open files quickly and easily between your panel and your device
  • Navigate your panel with an intuitive remote so you can move around the classroom freely
  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams
  • Access your content and customisations from any ActivPanel 9 with your roaming profile
  • Connect your device directly to the panel with one cable for your audio, video, and data


Easy to use, so you can focus on teaching

  • Sign in with ease and get started the moment you switch your panel on
  • Create a Promethean account so you can personalise your user profile and access it from anywhere
  • Customise your settings and menu with your favorite apps and tools
  • Capture your screen and quickly save it to the panel, the cloud, or your device
  • Open two browsers on the panel at once for improved instruction
  • Collaborate and communicate in the classroom with Screen Share
Simplicity - Easy to use, so you can
focus on teaching


Enhanced security protects your personal data

  • Authenticate with multiple sign-in options, including a password, QR code, Promethean desktop app, and NFC card
  • Keep your personal data private within your Promethean account, not on the panel
  • Install security updates through remote panel management
  • Lock your panel quickly and easily when you need to be away for a short time
  • Sign out of your panel from anywhere, ensuring your data is kept safe
Adaptability | Ideal for all learning environments


Ideal for all learning environments

  • Record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content
  • Share recorded lessons with remote and absent students through any platform
  • Screen share in real-time for hybrid and blended learning situations
  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams


Built to last and powered with robust capabilities

  • USB-C with 100 watts of power delivery
  • Integrated microphone array that captures voices in the classroom
  • Flexible connection options with seven forms of video inputs and outputs
  • Improved viewing from anywhere in the classroom and increased writing accuracy with bonded glass
  • Vellum touch technology with pen and finger differentiation, palm erase, advanced palm rejection, and 20-point touch

Choose between two models:

ActivPanel 9 Premium with ActivSync

ActivPanel 9

Display Sizes

65"/4K 75"/4K 86"/4K 65"/4K 75"/4K 86"/4K


Vellum Writing Technology
Simultaneous Touch Points 20 20
Pen and Touch Differentiation
Continuous Pen, Touch & Erase
Palm Erase
Palm Rejection Yes (Writing and non-writing hand) Yes (Non-writing hand)
Pens Yes, 4 Yes, 2


Operating System ActivPanel OS ActivPanel OS
RAM / Storage 6.5GB/64GB 4GB/32GB
Promethean Chromebox Compatible Optional Optional
Windows Module: OPS-M Compatible Optional Optional
Over-the-Air Updates
Cloud-based User Profiles


Dual Front Facing Speakers 2 x 18 W 2 x 15 W
Dual Front Facing Speakers 1 x 15 W
Microphone Array


LAN Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Mirroring / Screen Sharing (Internal)
USB-C 3.2 (Rear) 1 (100 W Power Delivery) 1 (60 W Power Delivery)
NFC (Near-field Communication)
Proximity for Warm Boot


Ergonomic Angled Centre Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Classroom Essential Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software (ActivInspire, ClassFlow)
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Request a demo.

After you tell us a bit about your particular requirements, we’ll take you on a custom tour of ActivPanel and ActivInspire features and functionality. Follow-up questions? We’re here to answer them!