Sony VPL-PHZ51 data projector Standard throw projector 5300 ANSI lumens 3LCD WUXGA (1920×1200) White

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Sony VPL-PHZ51 data projector Standard throw projector 5300 ANSI lumens 3LCD WUXGA (1920×1200) White

5,300 lm (5,800 lm center), 4K 60P signals, 0.64” (16.3 mm) x 3 BrightEra LCD Panel, Aspect ratio: 16:10

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VPL-PHZ61/VPL-PHZ51nOur brightest ultra-compact professional projectors are enhanced with smart features and an all-new anti-dust system. They’re an inspired choice for conference rooms, university lecture halls and large classrooms as well as Esport applications.nnImpressively small, light 6,400/5,300 lumen* laser projectorsnBeautifully slim and light with the smallest body in its class, the VPL-PHZ61/51 laser projector combines outstanding picture performance with up to 7,000lm center brightness and impressive reliability. A discreet blend-in design, minimal maintenance needs and flexible installation options make it the natural partner for today’s integrated AV environments.nn*VPL-PHZ61 6,400 lm (7,000 lm center) / VPL-PHZ51 5,300 lm (5,800 lm center).nnBold, rich color, even in brightly lit roomsnEven powerful projectors can suffer from washed-out image colors in strongly lit rooms. Exclusive to Sony, Bright View delivers high-impact imagery without sacrificing color. Newly improved Reality Creation ensures images, diagrams, and text look clear and sharp, even in bright conditions. Intelligent Settings with Ambiance matches projected images with your environment for an enhanced viewing experience. There’s even an ambient light sensor to measure room brightness.nnClearer images and textnReality Creation uses powerful algorithms that boost image resolution closer to 4K clarity. Reality Text improves visibility of characters: great for conference rooms, university seminar rooms and large classrooms.nnBright, beautiful colorsnBright View is Sony’s unique processing technology that brightens images while maintaining rich color – even in brightly lit business and educational environments.nnEnhanced viewing experiencenIntelligent Settings with Ambiance uses a built-in light sensor to measure room brightness, automatically adjusting Bright View mode, color gain, and Reality Creation to suit your presentation environment.nnEnjoy optimum pictures while saving energynThe VPL-PHZ61/51 makes sound business sense, helping you reduce running costs in corporate and educational environments. A new Auto Light Output feature works in conjunction with Ambiance, optimizing image quality and maintaining high visibility while reducing power consumption.nn4K 60P input supportnSupport for 4K 60P input signals makes life simpler when you’re using the VPL-PHZ61/51 in multi-screen set-ups with flat panel sub-screens. Just split the same 4K signal to drive all your displays, with no conversion needed. There’s also a high-performance image scaler that effortlessly converts 4K input signals to WUXGA resolution while achieving close to 4K image quality. Now optimized for 4K60P signals, Reality Creation is Sony’s unique picture enhancement feature that gives projected images even greater crispness and depth. There’s also support for devices with content protection such as 4K UHD players.nnSmart, installation-friendly designnEnjoy flexible installation options with a generous +55% vertical lens shift range, making it easy to achieve perfectly proportioned pictures without long pole mounts or keystone correction when the projector’s ceiling mounted. We’ve also widened the throw ratio range, simplifying replacement of a previously installed projector without the hassle of re-positioning an existing ceiling mount.nnBrighter for longer with less maintenancenThere’s plenty of innovation inside the VPL-PHZ61/51 to keep pictures looking clear and bright over the projector’s operational lifetime with minimal maintenance – in any environment.nnDesigned with intelligencenIntelligent Settings simplifies installation and maximizes performance based on usage, image detail, color richness and fidelity, light output, cooling level, and output noise. The Meeting/Classroom function controls laser output to keep brightness as high as possible for years of real-world use.nnKeep dust out of the picturenThe laser light source is sealed to prevent dust accumulation and eliminate reduced brightness. The dedicated cooling duct structure for the projector’s 3LCD panels is covered with an air filter to prevent dust from entering.nnHassle-free filter carenFocus on great-looking images instead of time-consuming maintenance. The new dust filtration system makes changing filters a thing of the past for general use in classrooms and meeting rooms.* For heavier use in dusty environments, there’s a new clogging sensor to advise when filter cleaning is needed. *Dust density < 0.03mg/m3 and operating time < 10,500 hours. (1,500 hours/year over 7 years.)nnData CloningnSettings for one projector can be copied to other projectors using a USB memory drive. This greatly simplifies installation and set-up of multiple projectors.nnAuto Input SelectnThe Auto Input Select feature automatically selects an active signal input, so there’s no need to change input each time a device is connected to the projector.nnAuto Power OnnConnect the VPL-PHZ61/51 to a switched-on computer, and the projector turns on automatically without having to operate the power button.nnMore picture power in every environmentnnConference roomsnImpress your audience with large, vibrant images and sleek, contemporary styling.nnLecture hallsnEngage every student in larger teaching spaces with crisp, high-brightness pictures.nnGolf simulationnReality Creation brings even more lifelike detail, color and texture to each blade of grass.

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