Linksys F1DN104B-3 KVM switch Black

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Linksys F1DN104B-3 KVM switch Black

Linksys F1DN104B-3, 2560 x 1600 pixels, Black

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Belkin’s Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM Switch offers superior security and data protection by providing true data path isolation between systems and networks. It is fully compatible with legacy and new government systems and exceeds NIAP security requirements. Using uni-directional data paths with optical diodes, it prevents peripherals from being used to leak information from one computer system to another. Additional security is provided through its end-to-end tamper-proof system that prevents physical tampering, and its intuitive user interface reduces user-switching errors by providing clear identification. Expect the best compatibility out-of-the-gate with a Secure KVM solution that’s designed and vigorously tested to work seamlessly with common systems and peripherals used by the defense and intelligence community.nn- Dedicated processors with emulators for every port: Isolated port paths for video, audio, peripherals, and smart card readers prevent data leaks between computersn- Unidirectional data paths: Optical data diodes prevent peripherals from being used to breach systemsn- Display security: Protected display interface prevents data leakage via the monitorn- Peripheral management: USB device detection prevents unauthorized peripheral usagen- Anti-tampering: Internal electrical sensors render unit inoperable if openedn- Multi-platform support: Supports cross-platform systems, including DVI-D, DVI-I, and VGA video interface technologies with Belkin Smart Cablesn- Uni-body chassis: Minimizes entry points and prevents physical tamperingn- Secure labeling: Holographic tamper-evident product label provides visual indication and prevention of tamperingn- Customizable port coloring and naming: Facilitates port identification and reduces user switching errorsn- Fast switching: No keyboard or mouse delays when switching portsn- Intelligent common access card (CAC) switching: Prevents unwanted system log-off while switching ports (available on certain models)n- Easy mounting: Uses an integrated mounting track to allow under-desk or side-wall mounting, creating extra desk spacen- High retention connectors: Semi-locking USB ports prevent accidental disconnectionn- Secure packaging: Tamper-evident packaging ensures product is not tampered with during transportn- Multi-monitor support: Connects two monitors for each system (for certain models) to increase user productivity

Product ID: F1DN104B-3EA

Model: F1DN104B-3



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