Lexmark 256MB

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Lexmark 256MB

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256MB Flash Memory Card

Get the Memory You Need
Use flash memory to store forms, fonts or macros.

Feature Feature Value
Capacity 256 MB
Compatibility – Lexmark CX510den- Lexmark CX410den- Lexmark CX410en- Lexmark CX510dhen- Lexmark CX510dthen- Lexmark CX410dten- Lexmark CX310dnn- Lexmark CX310nn- Lexmark MX611den- Lexmark MX511den- Lexmark MX410den- Lexmark MX611dhen- Lexmark MX511dhen- Lexmark MX510den- Lexmark MX310dnn- Lexmark MX511dten- Lexmark MX812dfen- Lexmark MX812dpen- Lexmark MX812dxfen- Lexmark MX812dxpen- Lexmark MX812dmen- Lexmark MX812dxmen- Lexmark MX811dfen- Lexmark MX811dpen- Lexmark MX811dmen- Lexmark MX811dxfen- Lexmark MX811dxpen- Lexmark MX811dxmen- Lexmark MX810dfen- Lexmark MX810dpen- Lexmark MX810dmen- Lexmark MX810dxfen- Lexmark MX810dxpen- Lexmark MX810dxmen- Lexmark MX711den- Lexmark MX710den- Lexmark MX710dhen- Lexmark MX711dhen- Lexmark MX911den- Lexmark MX910den- Lexmark MX912den- Lexmark MX910dxen- Lexmark CS510den- Lexmark CS410dnn- Lexmark CS410nn- Lexmark CS410dtnn- Lexmark CS510dten- Lexmark MS812den- Lexmark MS610den- Lexmark MS812dnn- Lexmark MS810den- Lexmark MS811dnn- Lexmark MS810dnn- Lexmark MS812dtnn- Lexmark MS810nn- Lexmark MS811nn- Lexmark MS810dtnn- Lexmark MS811dtnn- Lexmark MS610dnn- Lexmark MS510dnn- Lexmark MS410dnn- Lexmark MS310dnn- Lexmark MS410dn- Lexmark MS410dn- Lexmark MS310dn- Lexmark MS610dten- Lexmark MS711dnn- Lexmark MS710dnn- Lexmark MS312dnn- Lexmark MS415dnn- Lexmark MS911de
Quantity per pack 1 pc(s)
Package width 244 mm
Package depth 152 mm
Package height 30 mm
Package weight 227 g

256 MB

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