I.R.I.S. IRISPen Executive 7 Pen scanner Black

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I.R.I.S. IRISPen Executive 7 Pen scanner Black

I.R.I.S. IRISPen Executive 7, Pen scanner, Black, DOC,HTML,JPEG,JPG,PDF,XLS,XLSX, PC, USB, USB

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Seamless scanning & accurate recognitionnSimply slide the IRISPen over printed text or numbers from newspapers, magazines, invoices, faxes, letters, etc. and the text will automatically be retyped in your computer using I.R.I.S.’ embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Even signatures or small graphics can be scanned with the digital highlighter.nnWorks with any applicationnSimply place your cursor into any application, and the scanned text, numbers or images will automatically appear at the cursor position. It doesn’t matter if you use Word, Excel, or any other text editing application or web-based editor. If you can type it in, the IRISPen will also be able to handle it for you!nnTranslates in over 40 languagesnThe provided software features an integrated translation functionality for over 40 languages. Simply select the language you would like to translate into, slide the pen over your paper document and the translation will appear right where your cursor is blinking in a matter of seconds.nnYou scan, it reads out loud!nThe IRISPen™ comes with a smart voice synthesis that lets you listen to anything you scan in 40 different languages. Ideal if you are looking to perfect your pronunciation a foreign language, it will also help you to scan continuously without having to look at your screen to check if it matches the original document.nnBarcode CMC7 & BVR recognitionnTo improve your productivity, the digital highlighter can be turned into a reliable and cost-effective barcode scanner. If you need quick access to data from any barcoded material, the pen scanner is the perfect tool.nnComfortable and super-fast scanningnThe IRISPen 7 is the worthy successor of a 20-year-old line of I.R.I.S. digital pen scanners:n- The embedded OCR engine powered by I.R.I.S.’ latest technology makes it more accurate than ever beforen- The new scanner’s optical lens makes it much faster than other handheld scannersn- The new hardware’s ergonomic shape makes it lighter and more comfortable to usennMultilingual solutionnThanks to I.R.I.S.’ embedded OCR engine you will be able to scan and recognize text in over 130 different languages including complicated alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian (full list here).

Product ID: 457887

Model: IRISPen Executive 7

Datasheet: http://objects.icecat.biz/objects/mmo_65477559_1547105818_408_3601.pdf

Manual: http://objects.icecat.biz/objects/mmo_65477559_1547106073_6428_14213.pdf





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