I.R.I.S. Desk 5 Pro Overhead scanner Black A3

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I.R.I.S. Desk 5 Pro Overhead scanner Black A3

I.R.I.S. Desk 5 Pro, 420 x 290 mm, Overhead scanner, Black, 12 MP, DOC,PDF,XLS, Scan

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IRIScan Desk 5 PronDesktop camera scannernIRIScan Desk 5 Pro, the USB-powered desktop camera scanner, scans your books, your documents (contracts, passports, drawings, deeds, etc.) and captures everything on video. Discover a fresh, new approach to scanning with the most efficient performance ever seen.nnScanning reinventednDiscover a new way to scan your paper documents thanks to the IRIScan Desk. Versatile and totally innovative, this desktop camera scanner will impress you at every turn.nnBOOKSnIRIScan™ Desk is the perfect choice if you want to scan books without damaging them. In 3 seconds, scan and obtain a double-paged PDF (B&W)! Scanning is even faster thanks to automatic detection of page turning and fingers. Export your high-quality files to .JPG, .ePub, or .PDF format or, even better, combined with Readiris Corporate (option), to .MP3 and .WAV audio files!nnDOCUMENTS (UP TO A3 FORMAT)nThanks to this desktop camera scanner, scan anything that comes on matte paper. From ID cards to architectural drawings, it scans a very wide range of documents, up to A4 double page format (equivalent to A3).nnRECEIPTS AND SALES SLIPSnForget about the fuss of photocopying receipts and proof of purchase documents for your accounts. Arrange all your receipts and sales slips under the IRIScan™ Desk: it exports them to indexed files that are separated for optimum archiving.nnPASSPORTS & ID CARDSnScan passports and ID cards easily thanks to the IRIScan™ Desk. It automatically merges the front and back of any official document and saves it to JPG or PDF format. In combination with the power of IRISPowerscan™ (optional), capture MRZ codes and export the meta data to an xls or structured xml file to optimise your registration processes!nnBUSINESS CARDSnScan your business cards ultra quickly in batches and obtain high-quality JPG files. They are clipped and cropped precisely for ever-more efficient scanning of all your business cards.nnMULTI-CAMERA VIDEOSnThis desktop camera scanner is amazingly versatile. In addition to scanning, it incorporates simultaneous multi-camera video recording (camera scanner + webcam). Share your explanatory videos whilst simultaneously showing your work materials for perfect interaction with your audience.nnScan books at top speed without constraints (max. A3)nIRIScan™ Desk scans your books at an impressive rate: scan and export a double page to black and white PDF in just three seconds. Thanks to its smart image flattening and edge correction algorithm, you can obtain a perfect result. This desktop camera scanner detects the page change automatically and erases all traces of your fingers, as if by magic. There is a programmable timer to perform scans at regular intervals. In addition, it merges your book pages by marking the front and back covers. Export them to ePub, PDF or, even better, combined with Readiris Corporate (optional), to .MP3 and .WAV audio files! Read your books on any reader, tablet or smartphone. An unrivalled book scanner.nnInnovative multi-camera video recording modenIn addition to scanning, this desktop camera scanner incorporates innovative functionality: simultaneous multi-camera video recording. IRIScan™ Desk lets you simultaneously record the image from your scanner and the image from your webcam, as well as the sound. Everything is recorded in the same video on a single screen. This is useful for a variety of purposes: e-learning, correspondence courses, video tutorials,… Export your video to the format of your choice (.AVI, .MP4, .FLV, .WMV) and share it easily. When you choose the IRIScan™ Desk, you are getting a versatile scanner whose capabilities are as varied as your needs!nnSmart image processing for nearly perfect resultsnStop damaging your bound documents: IRIScan™ Desk restores a flat appearance to each page of the book (image flattening capability). This desktop camera scanner enhances your documents by giving you the following functions, amongst others: automatic edge detection, automatic cropping, image correction, deletion of fingers, automatic movement detection, etc. Stop waiting for a flatbed scanner to boot up, and don’t waste any more time carefully positioning your papers and books to scan them. Place them however you like under the IRIScan™ Desk – it will create perfectly straight, flat and legible files from them, at any time, in a split second!nnWide choice of export formats and automatic document croppingnThe IRIScan™ Desk incorporates OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This allows the desktop camera scanner to recognise more than 130 languages (including Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew). Thanks to OCR, preserve the layout of your document whilst making it editable. Take advantage of a wide choice of export formats: JPG, PDF, TXT, JPG+XLS, JPG+TXT. In addition, the IRIScan™ Desk detects when multiple documents are placed under its camera: their edges are detected very accurately. These documents are then cropped and saved as separate files or not, for impressive scanning efficiency.nnIRIScan Desk: the desktop camera scanner in picturesnDiscover images of all the innovative functionality of IRIScan™ Desk, the desktop camera scanner that revolutionises the way you handle smart data capture.nnIRIScan™ Desk: a portable design with a high-end finishnThis camera scanner will surprise you with its stylish looks and ergonomic design. It is foldable and lightweight, it will naturally fit in on your desk, and you can easily fold it up and take it with you.nnBanking and insurancenIRIScan™ Desk allows professionals in the banking and insurance sector to manage all kinds of incoming and outgoing documents. In particular, scan any document related to account openings, with guaranteed fast and reliable scanning. Scan all customer documents: ID cards, proof of address, tax notices, invoices, and many other things. Obtain indexed, compressed PDF files, that are easy to archive, in a secure environment.nnEducation and DYS needsnIRIScan™ Desk offers professional educators and students a multi-purpose teaching tool. Scan your textbooks whilst making the text editable. Combined with Readiris Corporate (optional), convert them to .MP3 and .WAV audio files! For your correspondence courses and interactive presentations, easily create video tutorials: record a video of yourself explaining any exercise from the textbook placed under your scanner! Thanks to IRIScan™ Desk, become more efficient and interactive.nnHotel receptionnThis desktop camera scanner is the preferred tool of every hotel receptionist. It will immediately take pride of place on your reception desk. IRIScan™ Desk recognises MRZ codes and indexes them in a unique Excel file. Obtain an overview of all the MRZ codes scanned and hyperlinks to the copies of official documents (passport, ID card, etc.). This will improve the greeting and registration of each guest.nnReception and shop sales desknWhether you are a receptionist, sales representative or adviser (in a retail or corporate setting), you can now accelerate your administrative tasks thanks to IRIScan™ Desk. Quickly scan any type of document supplied by your customers: ID cards, contracts, invoices, forms, receipts, etc. Restore your customer focus, thanks to a multi-document scanner that boosts your efficiency.nnLogisticsnMore versatile than your classic barcode reader, IRIScan Desk is the ideal choice to improve your logistics processes. This desktop camera scanner incorporates a multiple barcode detection capability (1D and 2D/QR). It exports them to JPEG format whilst simultaneously indexing their values in a central XLS/TXT file. Process each delivery slip automatically and accurately thanks to IRIScan Desk.nnHealthcare and hospitalsnIf you want to give your patients top-quality treatment, equip yourself with an IRIScan™ Desk! This desktop camera scanner helps you keep track more efficiently and quickly than ever. Update each patient file easily< by scanning several documents at a time: ID card, health and/or health insurance card, medical certificates, etc. By adding the IRISPowerscan™ 10 option, you can transform these documents into data that is easy to process in any business or reference application.nnIRIScan™ Desk: two versions to discover immediatelynUse this comparison table to discover the technical specifications of both versions of this innovative desktop camera scanner. See their different features at a glance and choose the one that suits you best.

Product ID: 459838

Model: Desk 5 Pro





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