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Epson Ceiling Pipe (700mm) – ELPFP14

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Feature Feature Value
Product colour White
Height adjustment range 918 – 1168 mm
Compatibility ELPFP14, Zubehör, Zubehör: Zubehör, Epson EB-G5100, Epson EB-S7, Epson EH-TW450, Epson EH-TW3500, Epson EB-W8, Epson EB-1910, Epson EB-1915, Epson EB-1920W, Epson EB-1925W, Epson EB-1900, Epson EH-TW3500 – Light Power Edition, Epson EB-825H, Epson EB-826WH, Epson EB-824H, Epson EH-TW3500 Football Edition, Epson EB-W8 Football Edition, Epson EB-1925W Football Edition, Epson EH-TW3600 LW, Epson EH-TW3600 Light Power Edition, Epson EB-G5600NL, Epson EB-G5600, Epson EB-G5650WNL, Epson EB-G5650W, Epson EB-G5950NL, Epson EB-G5950, EB-G5450WU, Epson EB-93, EB-G5750WU, EB-G5750WUNL, Epson EH-TW9100, Epson EMP-1717, Epson EB-1725, Epson EB-1735W, Epson EB-1730W, Epson EB-G5150NL, Epson EMP-1825, Epson EMP-400W, Epson EB-S6, Epson EB-X6, Epson EB-X6e, Epson EB-W6, Epson EB-85, Epson EB-826W, Epson EB-825, Epson EB-X8e, Epson EH-TW9000W Lightpower Edition, Epson EH-TW4400, Epson EB-D6155W, Epson EB-D6250, Epson EB-W12, Epson EB-W12, Epson EB-1775W, Epson EB-1770W, Epson EB-1760W, Epson EB-1750, Epson EB-1880, Epson EB-1860, Epson EB-1840W, Epson EB-G5900, Epson EB-G5900NL, Epson EH-TW9000W, Epson EB-1751, Epson EB-1761W, Epson EB-1771W, Epson EB-1776W, Epson EB-93H, Epson EB-W16, Epson EB-W16SK, Epson EH-TW6100, EH-TW5910, Epson EH-TW550, Epson EB-1965, Epson EB-1945W, Epson EB-1935, Epson EB-1960, Epson EB-1950, Epson EB-1940W, Epson EB-1930, Epson EB-4550, EB-4650, EB-4750W, Epson EB-4850WU, EB-4950WU, Epson EB-G5750WU, Epson EB-X24, Epson EB-S03, Epson EB-X03, Epson EB-S18, Epson EB-X18, Epson EH-TW7200, Epson EH-TW9100W, Epson EH-TW9200, Epson EH-TW9200W, EB-570, EB-575W, EB-580, EB-575Wi, EB-585W, EB-585Wi, EB-595Wi, EB-535W, EB-525W, EB-530, EB-1970W, EB-1975W, EB-1980WU, EB-1985WU, Epson EH-TW6600, Epson EH-TW570, Epson EB-1430Wi, Epson EB-1420Wi, EB-W28, Epson EH-TW6600W, Epson EB-W04, Epson EB-U04, Epson EB-W32, Epson EB-U32, Epson EH-TW5210, Epson EH-TW5300, Epson EH-TW5350
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1.2 kg

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