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AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP | Atlona Technologies

Two-Input Wall Plate Switcher for HDMI and VGA Sources with Ethernet-Enabled HDBaseT Output

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Switcher for HDMIÆ and VGA Inputs with HDBaseT Output
The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP is a 2◊1 wall plate switcher for HDMI and VGA inputs with HDBaseT output. It features a US two-gang Decora form factor with one HDMI and one VGA input with an always-on 3.5mm audio connector. HDMI signals up to 4K/UHD @ 60Hz (YUV 4:2:0 color sub-sampling) VGA input signals up to 1920◊1200 embedded audio and control signals can be extended up to 328 feet (100 meters). The switcher receives power from the AT-HDVS-200-RX scaler via Power over Ethernet and together they create a standalone AV switching and control system with scaling for classrooms and huddle rooms. Display control and volume commands are transmitted via CEC IP or RS-232 to any display control system switcher or other controllable device.

The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP can be the central component of a small automated AV system. Automatic display control turns-on the display automatically whenever a source is connected. When the source is removed the display is turned off. Volume is controlled by using the front panel or other control signals. Automatic input selection on the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP works by sensing the presence of any video signal. With automatic input selection manual control systems can be eliminated. Using the AT-PS-POE it can connect directly to Atlona HDBaseT receivers such as the AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX or projectors with HDBaseT inputs enabling simplified control and adding legacy VGA inputs at the HDVS.

The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP combines the benefits of a switcher with built-in automatic display control auto-switching and the advantages of Ethernet enabled HDBaseT signal transmission over a single cable. The switcher enables input selection and volume control from the front panel RS-232 or TCP/IP commands. It is a premium upgrade to the AT-HDVS-150-TX-WP offering advanced functions including IP management IP and CEC display control volume control and contact closure for screen control (when used with the HDVS-200-RX) volume control and Ethernet-enabled (100 m) HDBaseT performance. The HDVS-200 Series incorporates many integrator-requested features while still maintaining overall value.

Automatic Display Control
The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP allows display control using CEC TCP/IP or RS-232 signals. This means that many more types of displays can be controlled costs are reduced and that wiring is simplified. In a commercial setting when a switcher is integrated with a display the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP forces the display to power on automatically when a laptop is connected. At the end of the presentation when the presenter disconnects the laptop the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP forces the display to power off. Ease of presenter interaction with the system and the savings incurred by auto-display shutdown provide a significant return on investment.

• CEC – The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP features Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) providing simplified display control for a significant reduction in the cost of the display (compared to an RS-232 controlled display). CEC is a communication channel incorporated in the HDMI specification allowing connected devices to control each other.

• TCP/IP – The TCP/IP signal can be transmitted either through an independent LAN connection or through the HDBaseT connection when connected to an AT-HDVS-200-RX receiver which allows Ethernet over HDBaseT. The LAN port on the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP not only connects to the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP it also extends out the HDBaseT connection through an internal hub. A connected router is required to manage IP addresses.

• RS-232 – Many displays including projectors commercial flat panel displays and some consumer displays can be controlled using the RS-232 signal directly from the switcher. The scaler is able to send commands using RS-232 for automatic display control to compatible displays.

• FLEXIBLE POWER BUTTON – The power button on the front panel can be set to either turn the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP on/off or it can be set to control the attached display. In addition to using the front panel power button display on/off commands can be triggered automatically based on presence of video signals or by a third-party control system using either TCP/IP RS-232 or CEC signals.

• SWITCHER OR DISPLAY VOLUME CONTROL – Volume control buttons on the front panel can control either the analog audio output of the AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP or they can be set to control the volume of any device that allows volume control using TCP/IP or RS-232 such as a flat panel display DSP or another switcher. This gives great flexibility to the system design.

• MULTIPLE POINTS OF CONTROL – Since all these commands can be sent using TCP/IP it becomes simple to have multiple control points in a larger system. The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP could be used as an input device for an AT-UHD-CLSO-824 AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED or AT-UHD-SW-5000ED and the buttons would then be able to manage a variety of functions such as “Show me” and volume.

Reliable Auto-Switching
Automatic input selection on the AT-HDVS-200-TX detects an active video signal rather than looking for the 5-volt hot plug signal. This means that devices such as DVRs DisplayPort adaptors and other devices that keep the 5-volt hot no longer trigger the automatic input selection. This gives far more reliable performance with these products.

HDVS-200 Series
The HDVS-200-TX-WP is a simple audio visual system with automatic input selection for HDMI and VGA inputs and automatic projector on/off/volume control. It is a premium upgrade to the HDVS-150 Series offering functions that enable IP management and other advanced installation functions including IP display control contact closure for screen control CEC display control for consumer displays and Ethernet-enabled (100 m) HDBaseT performance. The switcher can be installed under a desk/table/lectern. The HDVS-200 series incorporates many integrator-requested features while still maintaining overall value.

The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP is ideal for:
Complete System Applications: Used with the AT-HDVS-200-RX the wall plate switcher accommodates an HDMI 1080p source plus a VGA source in classrooms huddle rooms and small conference rooms. The pair offers auto-switching HDBaseT transmission scaling and control functions. Included are IP configuration/management and other advanced installation functions such as IP display control contact closure for screen control CEC display control for consumer displays and Ethernet-enabled (100 m) HDBaseT performance.

Larger System Applications: The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP works as a remote input device for switchers with HDBaseT inputs including the AT-UHD-CLSO-824 matrix switcher the AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED or the AT-UHD-SW-5000ED. The buttons can be used with the switcher for display power show me functions and volume.

Configured and Managed by AMS
The AT-HDVS-200-TX-WP also supports the Atlona Management System (AMS) a powerful network software platform that integrates product configuration management and updating. Specially designed for IP-controllable Atlona Products the Atlona Management System reduces installation time and enables remote monitoring and support. To learn more please visit AT-SW-AMS.


2◊1 HDBaseT switcher
• Features one HDMI input plus a VGA input with 3.5mm audio connector
• Allows advanced HDMI display devices to be used with legacy VGA sources

Automatic display control
• Automatically changes projector power state based on active or standby mode of switcher. Control signals transmitted via CEC IP or RS-232
• Eliminates need for complex control system in AV systems. CEC enables control of low-cost consumer displays.

Automatic input selection using video detection technology
• Selects active input when sources are connected
• Eliminates need for a complex control system in AV systems

TCP/IP and RS-232 control of switcher
• Flexible control options for compatibility with third-party control systems. RS-232 controlled from HDBaseT connection
• Reduces integration time and costs

Ethernet-enabled HDBaseT extension
• Transmits IP and AV signals up to 328 ft. (100m)
• Uses easy-to-integrate category cable for low-cost reliable system installation

Front panel input select button
• Overrides auto-switching when two active sources are present
• Simple manual control allows presenter to maintain control of AV system

Front panel Display on/off control
• Offers convenient user features to override auto-switching when two active sources are present plus display
• Simple manual controls allow presenter to maintain control of AV system

Front panel volume control
• Remotely controls audio volume using TCP/IP or RS-232; provides ‘Mute’ mode
• Eliminates need for manual operation of display or use of IR remote control

Works with AMS
• This IP-controllable product can be remotely managed by the Atlona Management System software
• Integrates product configuration management and updates to reduce installation time and enable remote support

Included accessories
• User guide and mounting brackets

Award-winning 10 year limited product warranty
• Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems
• Specify purchase and install with confidence

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