Primary and secondary schools

An Axis network security solution is not only a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional security measures – it’s a multipurpose tool that amplifies your efforts to foster environments where students and teachers thrive.

Keep your community safe

A key part of protecting students, staff, and property is ensuring that only authorized people are on school grounds, starting at remote areas like fence lines, parking lots, and athletic fields. There, analytics-equipped visual or thermal cameras support early detection and accurate verification of suspicious presence, alerting security or law enforcement in real time. And when it comes to potential issues just outside the camera’s field of view, two-way speakers with sound detection analytics identify breaking glass, aggressive voices, and gunshots – and let you warn off uninvited guests with live or event-triggered voice messages.

Focus on learning

Create a positive environment for teaching and learning by extending your staff’s efforts to curb unwanted behaviors. Sophisticated video analytics help alert you in real time to truancy, vaping, and speeding vehicles. For camera-free zones like bathrooms and locker rooms, sound detection analytics on network devices outside the door alert you to aggressive voices. Because you can target voice messages to specific speakers using a microphone, SIP-enabled telephone, smartphone, or – with an ROIP gateway – handheld radio, it’s easy to send loitering students to class, warn a speeding driver, or intervene in bullying – without disrupting others.

eBrochure: Designing solutions for K-12 schools 
Explore how multipurpose Axis network solutions can be put to work for safety, security, and beyond in K-12 schools.

Use case examples

1. Bell schedules, public address, background music
2. Access control
3. Remote visitor management
4. Lockdowns
5. Intrusion protection
6. General situational awareness, 24/7
7. Vehicle access control
8. Speed monitoring
9. Evacuation support
10. Monitoring for vaping, truancy, vandalism, and fights
11. Enhanced audio for instructional content

Focus areas

Enable smarter processes

Make school operations more efficient with network technology. Access control solutions help keep a record of people and vehicles on-site, make it easy for credentialed staff, students, and visitors to get where they need to be, and let staff in the main office or reception area remotely verify and admit others – for example, delivery drivers.  The system can also be configured to securely grant community groups time-limited after-hours access to specific areas such as the gym without staff needing to stay late. And everywhere, network audio with message prioritization ensures information gets to the right people at the right time.

Support the student experience

By improving safety and efficiency, network solutions help schools focus on learning. But network solutions also benefit students in other ways. Network audio with flexible zoning ensures that bell tones, voice messages with integrated chimes, and background music get where they’re needed without disturbing others. And in classrooms, network speakers ensure clear sound for instructional audio content, while a network volume and source controller supports up to three local audio sources – for example, a laptop, interactive white board, or television

Spotlight: Access control for security

Create a single point of entry and monitor comings and goings throughout your school by combining network cameras, analytics, credential readers, intercoms, door controllers, and an access control management system. The same access control system lets you remotely monitor and manage doors – for example, to ensure all doors are securely closed at the end of the day. In the front office, adding a panic button enables staff to instantly alert security or law enforcement to urgent situations, provide a live feed from a nearby camera, and even trigger a schoolwide lockdown without staff needing to step into the hallway or fumble with keys.

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