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Order Tracking

If you purchase more than one item, they may be delivered from multiple sources/courier companies and appear as multiple orders when you check your order status. This process allows us to provide you the greatest availability, fastest delivery and best value for money. 

When your order is packed and leaves our warehouse our computer system will automatically send you an Order Dispatched email.

This email should inform you of:

  • The name of the courier who will deliver your package
  • The tracking number for your consignment (where available). You can use this tracking number at the courier’s website and monitor the progress of the delivery – see below.

If you have not yet received an Order Dispatched email then your purchase(s) have not yet left our warehouse.

You can expect the package to be delivered within 24-48 hours (or, if selected as a delivery option, next business day) after you receive the Order Despatched email.

There are occasions where it will not be possible for us to inform you of the tracking number for your consignment. These occasions are all outside of our control and are usually because a tracking number has not been assigned by the courier at the time the Order Dispatched email is generated. In these cases you can still track the progress of your package by calling the appropriate courier, giving your name and address as the consignee.

You can track your parcel using these links (or by calling the courier directly):