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Using AWS Direct?

Migrate to AWS with Transparent and we guarantee to save you money off your monthly bill plus convenient 30-day payment terms and a multitude of other benefits.

Benefits of Choosing AWS with Transparent

Better pricing guaranteed

As an AWS partner we recieve certain discounts which we pass directly on to our clients. We guarentee an ongoing, immediate monthly savings on your existing AWS bill as soon as your account is migrated. Or instead, if you are a new AWS customer we guarentee a better rate then if you are to go to AWS direct.

Guaranteed Savings on Your Monthly Bill
30-day payment terms

Payment terms to suit your business

Say goodbye to cash-flow challenges with our flexible payment terms, offering you a generous 30-day window to settle your AWS invoices. This means you can focus on growing your business without worrying about immediate financial commitments. With Transparent, we understand the importance of cash flow management and aim to provide you with the freedom and flexibility you need to thrive in the cloud.

Free CloudCheckr for AWS

Unlock even more cost savings and enhance your cloud visibility with our exclusive CloudCheckr software. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your AWS infrastructure, allowing you to identify potential cost optimizations and maximize the efficiency of your cloud resources. With CloudCheckr, you can easily track and control your spending, ensuring that you are getting the most value out of your AWS investment.

One point of contact for all your cloud needs

One point of contact for all your cloud needs

Dealing with multiple cloud providers and products can be a headache, especially since digital technology is always changing. Our “one point of contact” approach means that  you can centralise your cloud-based operations, and use our team of on-hand AWS experts to manage everything from cloud security to storage, backup, disaster recovery and migration. This means your business can free up time and resources to focus on growth and other business goals.

Ready to Migrate?

The migration process is quick and painless after which your company will enjoy the above benefits right away! Simply send us a message using the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.