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LG Hitachi-LG GP95NW70.AHLE10B White Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer with Android Support

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Manufacturer Part Number:
-R: x8
-RDL: x6
-RW: x6
-RAM: x5
+R: x8
+RDL: x6
+RW: x8
M-DISC: x4

-R: x24
-RW: x24

-R: x8
-RDL: x8
-RW: x8
-ROM: x8
-RAM: x6
+R: x8
+RDL: x8
+RW: x8
M-DISC: x8

-R: x24
-RW: x24
-ROM: x24

Typical Access Time
CD-ROM: 140ms
DVD-ROM: 160ms
DVD-RAM: 200ms


USB 2.0

144 x 137.5 x 14 mm
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number GP95NW70.AHLE10B
EAN 8809484671186
Specification No
Manufacturer LG
Reviews No
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PDF Url No
Short Description No
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