Introducing LEGO® Education

 LEGO® Education has been working alongside teachers to reimagine the way we learn for over 40 years. With solutions designed for all school ages, we can provide schools with assets that help educators turn students into life-long learners and develop the skills they need for the future of work. 

Why LEGO Education?

One of the most recognised brands on the planet, students and educators alike struggle to keep their hands off our LEGO! Children see LEGO Education as a toy, which means teachers have the ultimate tool to deliver engaging learning activities through purposeful play whilst also being aligned with the National Curriculum. LEGO Education’s ethos is built around providing future generations with the transferable skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration that will make them valuable members of the 21st century workforce and aligns with the eight fundamental skills of the Skills Builder Universal Framework. 

A true STEM solution

Every lesson is designed to help pupils develop a full range of STEM skills, using familiar LEGO building elements and minifigures to help connect abstract concepts to real-life experiences.

Built-in scaffolding for easy adoption

Easy implementation in the classroom and across the school, along with the support of built-in scaffolding and professional development, allows teachers to focus on their pupils and drive successful learning outcomes.

A toolbox to unlock unlimited possibilities

Deliver unlimited STEM learning possibilities with an interconnected system of solutions that work seamlessly together, driving familiarity over time to unlock deeper learning across year levels, with or without technology.

An integrated continuum of learning

Inspire pupils of all ages with exciting STEM solutions that build knowledge and skills year over year, in their own classrooms or at national and global competitions, encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

Playful learning experiences

Engage pupils and teachers with solutions backed by over 40 years of experience in creating joyful learning experiences based on learning-through-play principles.

A brand you know & love

A familiar brand known for playful, hands-on learning experiences and high-quality products that support creativity and critical thinking year after year.

Curriculum units

Engage students in meaningful STEM challenges using playful lessons with clear purpose and grade progression, scaffolded to support teachers and designed to help students build essential skills.


Build, tinker and experiment with a system of LEGO elements delivered in classroom sets designed to match students’ fine motor skills – progressing from simple creations to complex structures and mechanisms.


Learn and apply coding principles in a STEM context. Challenge students at all grade levels with a coding progression from simple icon blocks to text-based programming using recognised coding languages.

Intelligent hardware

Expand the learning opportunities for children at all levels with a system of LEGO technology elements that are easy to build with and seamlessly integrate as a natural part of STEM creations.

Interconnected solutions that work seamlessly together

The easy-to-adopt LEGO Education sets work with or without technology.
Implement the complete system all at once or introduce individual solutions over time.

Primary learning

BricQ Motion Essential

Give your primary school students a greater understanding of forces and motion as they plan and conduct investigations to predict future motion

Secondary learning

BricQ Motion Prime

Challenge middle school students to apply scientific inquiry skills to provide evidence of the change in an object’s motion based on its force and mass

SPIKE™ Essential

Engage primary students in hands-on investigation of STEM concepts while contributing to literacy, maths and social-emotional development

SPIKE™ Prime

Combining LEGO elements, easy-to-use hardware and intuitive coding experience, SPIKE Prime builds STEM confidence in secondary school students

How does it work?

The LEGO Learning System provides educators with the scaffolding they need to build fun and engaging lessons targeting STEAM subjects, even for those teachers who don’t specialise in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Maths. Opportunities to connect knowledge gained from different subjects are clearly signposted throughout over 40 lesson plans utilising the 5E Model, helping to reinforce learning outcomes while fostering teamwork, communication and creativity.

How does this support teachers?

With so many students learning in either virtual or hybrid settings, finding opportunities for playful, hands-on experiences is vital. LEGO Education provides teachers with the assessment tools, lesson plans, and professional development they need to make learning inspiring, engaging and practical.

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