Optimal video conferencing.
Whatever the venue.

Konftel has video and audio products for both desktop use and conferences in large meeting rooms – from small professional cameras that you hang on the screen to major video solutions with conference phones and expansion microphones. What they all share is simplicity and connection via USB – we call it Bring Your Own Meeting. Compatible with all collaborative tools, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meets.

Find the right size and model

Find the right size and model.

We need to conduct video conferences in many kinds of meeting room and environment. And naturally the type of equipment you need differs for the personal workspace and a huge conference room. We also have to be prepared to rethink the seating arrangements, with more space between people but the same audio and video quality. Konftel’s range of video solutions and accessories covers all your needs.

Video packages for meeting rooms.

Invest in solutions that can be scaled up and down in order to space out the seating in the meeting room.
A BYOM solution (Bring Your Own Meeting) is the perfect choice, with no need to share devices as the users bring their own laptops along to lead and participate in the meetings.

Konftel C5070

Impressive Optics

Whichever video package you choose, the camera will deliver a sharp, crisp image.

The Konftel Cam50 is the USB camera that brings exceptional image quality to your video conferences at a fraction of the cost of other comparable conference cams with PTZ.

And the Konftel Cam20 carries on the family tradition. A 4K camera that works perfectly in smaller rooms with its image angle of 123°.

Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology

OmniSound® for power and clarity

Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology with full duplex guarantees powerful and crystal clear sound in both directions.

Hypersensitive microphones with 360° sound pickup or beamforming and powerful speakers distribute the sound to all participants, who can relax in the knowledge that they can hear well and be heard.

Whatever the method of connection and meeting size, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Bring Your Own Meeting

Bring your own meeting

Whatever your preferred collaboration tool –
Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet
or something else – Konftel’s video packages
will deliver the optimum experience in the conference room.

The Konftel OCC Hub is, as the name suggests, the hub of our video packages, offering One Cable Connection to the conference camera, speakerphone and screen. In practice, this means that Konftel’s video packages fully support BYOC – Bring Your Own Computer, where the user can bring the collaboration service to the meeting room on any laptop with a USB port.

Konftel C20Ego

HUDDLE ROOMS: Easy to use and good value.

The perfect package to install in meeting rooms for up to 6 people. Easy to use and great value.

Konftel C2055Wx

SMALL – MEDIUM ROOMS: More sound. Same simplicity.

The solution for video conferences with up to 12 people. 4K camera, powerful speakerphone and the simplicity of the hub.

Konftel C5055Wx

MEDIUM ROOMS: Sharpness and flexibility

For medium-sized video conferences with up to 20 people. A pin-sharp PTZ camera, flexible speakerphone and true user friendliness.

Konftel C50800

MEDIUM – X-LARGE ROOMS: Premium package at a great price

A scalable premium package for video conferencing without compromise in. everything from medium to very large meetings.

Video for personal workspaces.

As video calls become ever longer and more important, the individual workspace needs to operate on the same level as a dedicated meeting room. Make sure you choose user-friendly equipment that also delivers a professional sense of quality. 

Impressive optics

Impressive Optics

Whatever the model, the camera will always deliver a sharp, crisp image. Both the Konftel Cam10 and the Konftel Cam20 work for users who demand professional quality.
Simplicity and flexibility

Simplicity and flexibility

Whatever your preferred collaboration tool – Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or something else – Konftel’s products connect up with a USB cable so the meeting is ready to be launched from your PC/Mac.
More than just crystal clear sound

More than just crystal clear sound

The ability to speak and move around freely in meetings is made possible thanks to our unique OmniSound® audio technology. Our speakerphones for the personal workspace deliver a straightforward experience and connect easily via USB and Bluetooth®.
Konftel Cam10

Professional web cam.

Great value web cam for individual video calls. Full HD, 90° image angle, 4x digital zoom and integral lens cover.

Konftel Cam20

4K camera for top performance.

4K camera with 123° image angle and powerful 8x digital zoom. Simple connection via USB. Remote control included.

Konftel Ego

Talk freely everywhere.

Convenient speakerphone, perfect for the desktop, home or office. Battery with 15 hours of call time, USB and Bluetooth®.

Konftel 55Wx

More power behind your words

Speakerphone with touchscreen and HD audio. Battery with 9 hours of call time, USB, Bluetooth® with NFC, recording on SD card.

Educational reading

Want to find out more?

We have put together the key things you need to know to make a smart investment. Whether you want to bring video to a personal workspace or a series of meeting rooms.

Climate neutral products.

Konftel is certified in line with the Climate Neutral standard. This means that we have offset all our greenhouse gas emissions and are taking action to further reduce those emissions. When you choose a Konftel product, there is a climate benefit from the very first distance meeting that replaces a business trip.
Konftel Climate Neutral
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