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Designed for education, but suitable for any business, Inventry’s fully-equipped integrated visitor entry system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time. InVentry, now offering a hybrid solution, speeds up the sign-in process, keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that the sign-in app ensures students or employees are safe and accounted for.

Pupil, Staff and Visitor Management
DBS Checker
ID Cards & Scanners

Primary schools

Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils is the most important thing for any primary school. With InVentry’s primary school management system, you can have peace of mind by knowing who is on-site at any given time. With many features such as fire evacuation roll call, health features and visitor management – InVentry has you covered.

Our Anywhere App also gives you the power of InVentry at the palm of your hands, control fire evacuations, school trips and pupil dietary requirements all from your smart device.

Secondary schools

Knowing who is on-site at any given time is important for any Secondary School. The safety of staff and pupils always comes first. Know when pupils are late or leaving early with a full read-and-write-back integration with your MIS. Data can be stored on-premise and via the InVentry cloud, so you have access, anywhere, any time.

The InVentry visitor management for schools system is designed with both GDPR and safeguarding in mind. Our electronic visitor sign-in system for schools software, applications and equipment has been developed to be the most reliable of their kind. 

InVentry Visitor Management Software

Managing visitors in your school or business can now be a seamless and speedy process with our market-leading visitor management system. Visitors are presented with an intuitive screen that significantly speeds up the signing-in process. They can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site through InVentry’s visitor management system.

Visitor information is stored directly in the visitor management system and allows you to track who is on your site, accurately manage your visitor management and record everyone entering or leaving your site, in case of an emergency. It provides site access in a way that safeguards those who are in your company or school and removes the need for paper-based visitor books

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The 20-inch InVentry touchscreen is clear and intuitive and has been specifically designed for usage in high volume areas, making it simple to welcome and sign-in visitors.

Integrated Webcam

The integrated webcam allows visitors to take their photos for ID badges and can be used for facial recognition for up to 60 days for more frequent visitors.

Badge Printing

Instant badge printing with our eco-friendly label rolls, means visitors are always clearly identifiable and with the built-in badge designer you can easily customise the look and feel of your badges.

Visitor Memory

The clever InVentry visitor management database remembers all your previous visitors to give returning visitors a swift and seamless experience the next time they use your visitor management system.

DBS Checker

Allow InVentry to act as your Single Central Record for DBS checks. Get notifications when checks are due to expire and when visitors or staff need to renew their DBS check; based on your own customisable requirements.

Acceptance Policies

Ensure that visitors agree to any terms and conditions including health and safety and evacuation procedures as part of the signing in process.

Staff Notifications

When a visitor arrives on site an instant notification is sent via SMS or email to the person they are visiting.

Events Management

Create events that allow you to pre-book visitors into events such as school parents evenings or a company workshop.

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