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A notebook you can rely on, wherever you are.

Looking for a reliable notebook that empowers you to work when and wherever you choose to?
Meet the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK family.
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security meets comfort

Enhance your security with outstanding features to protect your notebook and company data with the use of the contact-free PalmSecure™ biometrics.

All-day battery

All-day battery life reduces runtime anxiety and frees you up from any power socket.

Premium connectivity

Stay always flexible and productive with a full set of interfaces and fastest power delivery. All ports are full-sized, no need to carry any adapters.

Discover the lifebook NOTEBOOK range.

Looking for a quality and reliable notebook or Ultrabook™ to empower you to work when and where you choose? The FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK portfolio supports your business with entry-level and powerful individual solutions. Extensive configuration options for each notebook provide ultimate flexibility.

Every FUJITSU notebook delivers the highest reliability, driven by a unique combination of German precision engineering and Japanese quality, supported by 30 years of experience. Choose and configure your notebook for your business computing demands and benefit from unique features and solutions.

Fujitsu Lifebook Notebook Range
VFY:E5411M15AMGB Fujitsu Lifebook NOTEBOOK

E5411 14" Intel® Core™ i5 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD

Windows 10 Pro

VFY:E5511M15AMGB Fujitsu Lifebook NOTEBOOK

E5511 15.6" Intel® Core™ i5 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD

Windows 10 Pro

VFY:U7411M17AMGB Fujitsu Lifebook NOTEBOOK

U7411 14" Intel® Core™ i7 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD

Windows 10 Pro

VFY:U7511M15BMGB Fujitsu Lifebook NOTEBOOK

U7511 15.6" Intel® Core™ i5 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD

Windows 10 Pro

VFY:E4511MF5EMGB Fujitsu Lifebook NOTEBOOK

E4511 15.6" Intel® Core™ i5 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD

Windows 11 Pro

Maximum Security

With Fujitsu Lifebook devices you will find a wide range of security features: PalmSecureTM, face recognition, ePrivacy Filter, fingerprint sensor, Privacy Camera Shutter and much more. Enjoy the feeling of having made the best and most convenient decision for your safety.


Lightweight design, all-day battery runtime, state-of-the-art security features and robust housings: These features let Fujitsu Lifebooks become your everyday companion – wherever you are and whenever you want. Portable and convenience like never before.

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