Intelligent network solutions enable teachers to focus on teaching and students on learning. Secure schools and campuses, protect students and staff, improve day-to-day operations, and enrich learning with a single multipurpose solution.

Flexible solutions for safer, smarter schools

Network solutions go far beyond what analog cameras or routine patrols can offer when it comes to preventing intrusion, theft, and vandalism. But improved security is just one of the benefits of intelligent Axis solutions. They can also help you stay alert to and quickly address accidents, aggression, and emergencies, as well as illegal or otherwise unwanted behaviors, during and after hours, for safer schools and campuses. You can even leverage them to offer more flexibility and opportunity to your students, creating a world-class educational experience.

Customer need

Safety and security

Protect your students, staff, and property with cost-effective ways to identify, monitor, and mitigate threats in real time.

Operational efficiency

Work smarter, not harder, by adding transparency and control to processes and operations across your school or campus.

The student experience

Support an outstanding experience with scaffolded hands-on trainings, flipped classroom set-ups, and more innovative uses of network technology.

Schools in focus

Whether you are seeking solutions for primary and secondary schools or higher education, we have options to meet your needs. Explore them below.

Primary and secondary schools

From the main office to the athletic fields, network solutions help you build safer, smarter schools that benefit students, staff, and communities.

Higher education

See how network solutions can help you ensure a safe, well-functioning campus and an outstanding student experience.

Primary and secondary schools

Axis audio solutions enable schools to customize and target bell tones and voice messages to different areas of campus. Integrated announcement chimes help ensure that important messages get noticed.


An essential part of a good student experience is confidence that personal data is secure and that personal privacy is being upheld. Explore our privacy tools.

Total cost of ownership

Learn more about evaluating the total cost of a network solution – including installation, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning – to make savvier purchasing decisions.


Cybersecurity is about products, people, technology, and processes. Find out how we at Axis support cybersecurity – and you – through the lifecycle of an Axis product.


We are committed to build a smarter, safer world while promoting sustainable ways of working throughout the value chain. Read about our sustainability initiatives.

Axis affiliates with several industry associations, notably PASS K12(K-12 school safety and security guidelines), ZeroNow (thought leadership in school safety), and SIA (networking, insight and influence to guide the security industry).

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