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DYMO XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wraps (Sheet Labels)

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XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wraps (Sheet Labels), 24 mm x 23 mm
Pre-sized wire/cable wraps with laminated overwrap protect printed areas from oil, chemicals, moisture, abrasion and fading. Improve your productivity by printing batches of cable wraps at once. Simply take them with you, peel and apply. Also available in sheet label formats for high-volume installations.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 1908552
EAN 0071701002730
Product colourTransparent,White
Technical details
Labels per sheet96 pc(s)
Country of originBelgium
Product colourTransparent,White
Labels per sheet96 pc(s)
CertificationRoHS, UL 969
Print technologyThermal Transfer
Label colourBlack on white
Ultraviolet (UV) resistantYes
Temperature range (T-T)-40 - 80 °C
Country of originBelgium
Product colourTransparent,White
Weight & dimensions
Sheet width2.4 cm
Sheet length2.3 cm
Weight260 g
Dimensions (WxDxH)255 x 325 x 7 mm
Packaging data
Labels per sheet96 pc(s)
Media sheets per package27 sheets
Labels per pack2592 pc(s)
Logistics data
Pallet width80 cm
Pallet length120 cm
Pallet height121 cm
Pallet weight272.7 kg
Manufacturer DYMO
Reviews No
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Short Description XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wraps (Sheet Labels), 24 mm x 23 mm
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