D-Link DNR-322L video servers/encoder 192 fps

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DNR-322L, mydlink Network Video Recorder
- 2-bay Network Video Recorder, uses inexpensive 3.5” SATA drives
- mydlink™ enabled for the easiest way to monitor your home, from your iPad, iPhone or Android devices
- Record simultaneously from up to 9 cameras
- Simultaneous recording and playback
- Gigabit connectivity for fast transmission speeds
- User/group quotas for security and confidentiality
- RAID 1 technology to automatically mirror the contents of one Hard Drive to another
- D-Link Green™: energy-saving design

The mydlink™ Network Video Recorder is a standalone storage device that can record video simultaneously from up to nine network cameras without requiring users to turn on their PC. This device not only supports mydlink™ cameras but can be used to record footage from a range of D Link business cameras, which makes it an ideal DIY security solution for both homes and small businesses. With mydlink™ technology, the DNR-322L can be accessed remotely via a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet, just by logging into your mydlink™ account. Once connected, you can watch live video from any of your cameras, or playback recorded footage with the intuitive on-screen controls. With no set up fees or subscription costs, home and business users have the most flexible way to ensure their properties are secure.

The easiest way to home monitoring
With the mydlink™ Network Video Recorder it has never been easier to create a complete monitoring system for your home or small business. Unlike other solutions that require users to change their network settings to access their NVR from the Internet, the DNR-322L is simple to manage and access. Simply run the installation CD, assign your NVR to your mydlink™ account or if you are a first time user, set one up, and you are ready to go. The DNR-322L will even automatically discover your D-Link cameras in your network for you.

A complete and flexible security solution
The DNR-322L is the perfect solution for small businesses or people that travel and need to leave their properties unattended for long periods of time. With 2 bays for standard, inexpensive Hard Drives, you can choose the recording capacity that best suits your needs. For example, two 3TB hard drives can store high-quality audio and video from four DCS-942L cameras for up to 6 weeks. The DNR-322L can be set up to record only during certain periods of time (for example, at night or during the weekends), or based on events, like on motion detection, so the recording capacity can be extended much longer.

Versatile monitoring
Users have a variety of options for viewing and organising camera footage on-screen. If multiple cameras have been set up in a property, users can simply drag and drop video from selected cameras to the viewing area. Camera names and recording statuses are clearly displayed for easy reference. Users can control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions2 from within the interface or by directly clicking on the video.

Secure storage
User accounts can be set up to limit access to the NVR or assign different access privileges for users by specifying the cameras they are allowed to access. For added security (for example to protect business premises) the recorded footage can be backed up to external storage on a different location. The NVR also includes the option to protect data using a RAID 1 configuration, which duplicates recorded video onto two separate hard drives. So your video is safe even if one of the Hard Drives fails.

Extensive recording functionality
The mydlink™ Network Video Recorder’s interface allows for straightforward configuration including compression, resolution, and frame rate for all connected cameras. Once the cameras have been set up, recordings can be made continuously, or according to a user-defined schedule. The NVR also provides event recording based on specific triggers such as when motion is detected.

D-Link Green™
The Network Video Recorder with mydlink™ is part of D-Link GreenTM, D-Link’s programme for providing eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance: if the Hard Drives are not used in a configurable period of time, or data is not being transmitted, the DNR-322L will enter stand-by mode to save power. Also, the silent fan will adapt its speed depending on the Hard Drives’ temperature.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number DNR-322L
EAN 0790069360909
MPEG-4 frame rate90 fps
Motion JPEG frame rate90 fps
Maximum frame rate192 fps
Channels quantity9 channels
Technical details
RAID levels0, 1, JBOD
PTZ control (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)Yes
Internal memory256 MB
Flash memory128 MB
Product colourBlack
IP address filteringYes
Supported network protocolsIPv4, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, NTP (D-Link), DNS, DDNS (D-Link), SMTP, HTTP, PPPoE, UPnP
Ports & interfaces
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports1
DC-in jackYes
Hard drive
Hard drive size3.5"
Hard drive interfaceSerial ATA, Serial ATA II
Weight & dimensions
Weight875 g
Dimensions (WxDxH)115 x 146.4 x 178.5 mm
Power consumption4000 mA
Power requirements12 V DC
Power consumption (typical)25.2 W
Operational conditions
Storage temperature (T-T)-20 - 70 °C
Operating temperature (T-T)0 - 55 °C
Operating relative humidity (H-H)5 - 90%
CertificationCE, FCC, RoHS
Operating system installedLinux
Manufacturer D-Link
Reviews No
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Short Description DNR-322L, mydlink Network Video Recorder
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