Interactive Displays for Education

Experience the BenQ Board Difference

BenQ Boards are simply better. Designed to enhance the classroom experience, our latest Google EDLA-certified interactive displays deliver exceptional software, specs, support, and security, outclassing all other education smart boards.

Teach your way

Our Google EDLA-certified BenQ Boards empower you to teach your way. Use a whiteboard. Share your screen. Load lessons from the web. Do it all with our powerful, intuitive tools designed to fit your teaching style.

Remote monitoring and updates

Check the status of your boards, schedule updates, and even set policies from a single, easy-to-use console. Quickly add or remove users for all your BenQ devices by syncing your current user lists to the BenQ Identity and Access Management system.

Effortless onboarding

Our device management platform significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to register and set up new boards. Quickly provision multiple new boards by simply scanning the barcode on the box or display.

Keep boards up to date

Push firmware and app updates to ensure the optimal performance of your boards and software.

Enforce device policies

Create device policies to easily apply settings and automate device management tasks.

Optimise your usage

Ensure the efficient use of your boards and software through app and device usage reviews.

Data privacy

We uphold your right to privacy and adhere to strict global standards.

System security

We provide ways to secure your devices and networks from threats.

Strict authorisation

We offer secure access to your boards, user accounts, and files.

Restricted access

Minimise risks by limiting who can modify the board’s settings.

App security

Google Play Protect helps screen for potentially harmful applications.

App blocking

Prevent unauthorised installations by blocking apps or Play Store access.

No Subscription Fees

We do not charge you extra fees. Our whiteboarding, screen sharing, and IT solutions are all free to use for your teaching and management convenience.


Unlike other interactive displays for education, the BenQ Board has a comprehensive set of ClassroomCare® features designed to protect student and teacher health.

Safe to touch

BenQ Board screens and peripherals have an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent the spread of germs in class.

Easy on the eyes

Prevent eye strain and other related eye issues with our anti-glare, flicker-free, Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens.

Breathe easy

Maintain good air quality in your classrooms with the help of the BenQ Board’s built-in air quality sensors and air ioniser.

Better Specs

The BenQ Board’s combined specifications completely outclass the specs of other interactive displays. BenQ Boards have energy-saving features that allow you to significantly reduce costs and decrease your digital carbon footprint.

A force for teaching

Its powerful system on a chip paired with an Android 13 OS guarantees consistently superior long-term performance.

Incredible touch response

The BenQ Board Pro’s Ultra Precision IR technology with a <5ms response time provides the most natural writing experience.

Best in sight and sound

Experience immersive audio and video during lessons with our 4K UHD screens and outstanding set of speakers and subwoofers.


Which BenQ Board is right for you?

EDLA BenQ Board Pro | RP04

65″ 75″ 86″ 4K UHD
Screen size

8-core Pro chipset
8 GB | 64 GB
Memory | Storage

2 × 20 W + 16W

NFC I Wi-Fil
Wireless connectivity

Management Solutions

Screen, pens,
buttons, front ports,

loniser, CO2, PM2.5,
Air quality management


EDLA BenQ Board Master | RM04

65″ 75″ 86″ 4K UHD
Screen size

4-core chipset 4
GB I 32 GB
Memory | Storage

2 × 20W speakers

Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Wireless connectivity

Management Solutions

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