Transparent IT Expo - Portsmouth - Wednesday 13th March 2024

Acer’s Green Deeds: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability at Transparent IT Expo 2024

In a move towards environmental responsibility, Acer is not only showcasing its latest product offering at our annual IT Expo; they’re also fostering a culture of positive change through their ‘green deeds’ initiative. Acer plans to invite expo attendees to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Green Deeds with Acer:

On the day of the expo, Acer will offer attendees the chance to participate in a series of good deeds. By scanning a QR code, customers can actively engage in sustainability initiatives that Acer will execute on their behalf. This forward-thinking initiative replaces traditional freebies like pens and plastic bottles, emphasizing Acer’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Choose Your Impact:

Upon scanning the QR code, attendees have the power to choose from a diverse range of sustainable activities. Acer will carry out these chosen deeds through collaborations with third-party organizations, ensuring the effectiveness of each initiative. Attendees can select from options such as planting trees, removing plastics from the ocean, supporting recycling efforts, and more.

Beyond Products, Towards a Greener Future:

Acer’s Green Deeds initiative not only enhances the expo experience but also demonstrates Acer’s dedication to environmental stewardship. By empowering attendees to contribute to impactful initiatives, Acer is fostering a sense of collective responsibility towards the planet. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Acer’s vision of technology intersecting with sustainability, making the Transparent IT Expo 2024 not just a showcase of products but a platform for positive change.

Join Acer in sowing the seeds of a greener future, register your free spot at our expo today!