Efficient, Effortless, Economic

E24c+ & E32c+ Charging Carts

Economy Charging Solution

The E24c+ easily supports 24 laptops, Chromebooks and tablets with screens up to 15.6”. Just simply put your device into the charging cart. With larger space for 32 slots in the E32c+.

“The Acer Charging Cart is for educational and business environments alike, looking for an efficient, effortless and economical way to charge their devices easily and safely”

Space Saving Design

This is the space saving gadget (up to 25”) thats perfect for classrooms or similar environments. 

Smart Cycle Charging Technology

Simply connect the cart to an outlet and it will automatically and safely circulate power
throughout each layer of devices.

Safe and Secured Storage

With the solid steel construction, the charging
cart can store multiple devices inside and

prevent them from crashing.

Built-in 2-point locking mechanism
to secure
your devices inside the charging ca

User Friendly Design

The exterior casing features several user-
friendly designs, such as non- slip (removable)

rubber mat on top, cart handle and outer cable

management hook that will allow users to

better manage their cables and move around

the cart freely and easil

Easy to Move

The cart features 5″ swivel casters, which make
it easier to transport devices and provide a

smooth mobile experience

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