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802.11AC, 1167 Mbps, Waterproof

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Additional Information

Short Description 802.11AC, 1167 Mbps, Waterproof
EAN 0810354025792
Specification No
Manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks
Reviews No
Sinch Search Cache uapacm uapac uapa uap apacm apac apa pacm pac acm 1609038 160903 16090 1609 160 609038 60903 6090 609 09038 0903 090 9038 903 038 82144 8214 821 2144 214 144 215393 21539 2153 215 15393 1539 153 5393 539 393 ne002982 ne00298 ne0029 ne002 ne00 ne0 e002982 e00298 e0029 e002 e00 002982 00298 0029 002 02982 0298 029 2982 298 982 ub1205 ub120 ub12 ub1 b1205 b120 b12 1205 120 205 npubiuapacm npubiuapac npubiuapa npubiuap npubiua npubiu npubi npub npu pubiuapacm pubiuapac pubiuapa pubiuap pubiua pubiu pubi pub ubiuapacm ubiuapac ubiuapa ubiuap ubiua ubiu ubi biuapacm biuapac biuapa biuap biua biu iuapacm iuapac iuapa iuap iua uapacm uapac uapa uap apacm apac apa pacm pac acm 170268 17026 1702 170 70268 7026 702 0268 026 268 ubiquiti ubiquit ubiqui ubiqu ubiq ubi biquiti biquit biqui biqu biq iquiti iquit iqui iqu quiti quit qui uiti uit iti networks network networ netwo netw net etworks etwork etwor etwo etw tworks twork twor two works work wor orks ork rks wlan wla lan access acces acce acc ccess cces cce cess ces ess points point poin poi oints oint oin ints int nts point unifi unif uni nifi nif ifi mesh mes esh 1167mbits 1167mbit 1167mbi 1167mb 1167m 1167 116 167mbits 167mbit 167mbi 167mb 167m 167 67mbits 67mbit 67mbi 67mb 67m 7mbits 7mbit 7mbi 7mb mbits mbit mbi bits bit its power powe pow ower owe wer over ove ver ethernet etherne ethern ether ethe eth thernet therne thern ther the hernet herne hern her ernet erne ern rnet rne net poe white whit whi hite hit ite 0810354025792
PDF Url No

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