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DECT, USB, 180m/55m, 50mm, 8 h, 50g, black/silver

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Additional Information

Short Description DECT, USB, 180m/55m, 50mm, 8 h, 50g, black/silver
SKU 504468
EAN 4044155052022
Specification No
Manufacturer Sennheiser
Reviews No
Sinch Search Cache 504468 50446 5044 504 04468 0446 044 4468 446 468 49193 4919 491 9193 919 193 508168 50816 5081 508 08168 0816 081 8168 816 168 8RKZ 8RK RKZ SH250634 SH25063 SH2506 SH250 SH25 SH2 H250634 H25063 H2506 H250 H25 250634 25063 2506 250 50634 5063 506 0634 063 634 2778195 277819 27781 2778 277 778195 77819 7781 778 78195 7819 781 8195 819 195 Sennheiser Headsets Office Offic Offi Off ffice ffic ffi fice fic ice Monaural Monaura Monaur Monau Mona Mon onaural onaura onaur onau ona naural naura naur nau aural aura aur ural ura ral EarhookHeadband EarhookHeadban EarhookHeadba EarhookHeadb EarhookHead EarhookHea EarhookHe EarhookH Earhook Earhoo Earho Earh Ear arhookHeadband arhookHeadban arhookHeadba arhookHeadb arhookHead arhookHea arhookHe arhookH arhook arhoo arho arh rhookHeadband rhookHeadban rhookHeadba rhookHeadb rhookHead rhookHea rhookHe rhookH rhook rhoo rho hookHeadband hookHeadban hookHeadba hookHeadb hookHead hookHea hookHe hookH hook hoo ookHeadband ookHeadban ookHeadba ookHeadb ookHead ookHea ookHe ookH ook okHeadband okHeadban okHeadba okHeadb okHead okHea okHe okH kHeadband kHeadban kHeadba kHeadb kHead kHea kHe Headband Headban Headba Headb Head Hea eadband eadban eadba eadb ead adband adban adba adb dband dban dba band ban and BlackSilver BlackSilve BlackSilv BlackSil BlackSi BlackS Black Blac Bla lackSilver lackSilve lackSilv lackSil lackSi lackS lack lac ackSilver ackSilve ackSilv ackSil ackSi ackS ack ckSilver ckSilve ckSilv ckSil ckSi ckS kSilver kSilve kSilv kSil kSi Silver Silve Silv Sil ilver ilve ilv lver lve ver headset headse heads head hea eadset eadse eads ead adset adse ads dset dse set 4044155052022
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