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FDM, PLA, 0.4mm nozzle, 320 x 240 camera, USB, Wi­fi

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Additional Information

Short Description FDM, PLA, 0.4mm nozzle, 320 x 240 camera, USB, Wi­fi
EAN 0817913013504
Specification No
Manufacturer MAKERBOT
Reviews No
Sinch Search Cache MP07925EU MP07925E MP07925 MP0792 MP079 MP07 MP0 P07925EU P07925E P07925 P0792 P079 P07 07925EU 07925E 07925 0792 079 7925EU 7925E 7925 792 925EU 925E 925 25EU 25E 5EU MKH000039 MKH00003 MKH0000 MKH000 MKH00 MKH0 MKH KH000039 KH00003 KH0000 KH000 KH00 KH0 H000039 H00003 H0000 H000 H00 000039 00003 0000 000 00039 0003 000 0039 003 039 3900089 390008 39000 3900 390 900089 90008 9000 900 00089 0008 000 0089 008 089 MBT01350 MBT0135 MBT013 MBT01 MBT0 MBT BT01350 BT0135 BT013 BT01 BT0 T01350 T0135 T013 T01 01350 0135 013 1350 135 350 MAKERBOT 3D printers MakerBot MakerBo MakerB Maker Make Mak akerBot akerBo akerB aker ake kerBot kerBo kerB ker erBot erBo erB rBot rBo Bot Replicator Replicato Replicat Replica Replic Repli Repl Rep eplicator eplicato eplicat eplica eplic epli epl plicator plicato plicat plica plic pli licator licato licat lica lic icator icato icat ica cator cato cat ator ato tor Mini Min ini Compact Compac Compa Comp Com ompact ompac ompa omp mpact mpac mpa pact pac act Fused Fuse Fus used use sed Deposition Depositio Depositi Deposit Deposi Depos Depo Dep eposition epositio epositi eposit eposi epos epo position positio positi posit posi pos osition ositio ositi osit osi sition sitio siti sit ition itio iti tion tio ion Modeling Modelin Modeli Model Mode Mod odeling odelin odeli odel ode deling delin deli del eling elin eli ling lin ing FDM WiFi WiF iFi printer printe print prin pri rinter rinte rint rin inter inte int nter nte ter 0817913013504
PDF Url No

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