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USB 1000dpi Laser Mouse

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Obtain the speed and accuracy of laser tracking in a simple, elegant design with the HP USB 1000dpi Laser Mouse – for the latest in laser sensing technology.

- Sophisticated technology - Manipulate fast or slow with precision on a variety of surfaces with high-performance laser accuracy. The wheel also functions as a third button when activated by pressing it.
- The HP USB 1000 dpi Laser Mouse has no ball or moving parts, which improves its durability, reduces sticking and the need for constant cleaning.
- Left-handed or right-handed users can enjoy a contoured shape that suits either preference.

Additional Information

Short Description USB 1000dpi Laser Mouse
Input device
Buttons typePressed buttons
Recommended usagePC/notebook
Movement resolution1000 DPI
Scroll typeWheel
Number of scroll wheels1
Movement detection technologyLaser
Buttons quantity2
Device interfaceUSB
Ports & interfaces
Cable length1.8 m
Colour of productBlack
Form factorAmbidextrous
Technical details
Colour of productBlack
Form factorAmbidextrous
Number of scroll wheels1
Cable length1.8 m
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes
System requirements
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes
Weight & dimensions
Width62.9 mm
Depth115 mm
Height37.3 mm
Mouse weight102 g
Manufacturer HP
Reviews No
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PDF Url No

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