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Draytek Vigor 130 ADSL/VDSL Ethernet Modem (Bridge) Ideal for UTM/Firewalls and Apple Airport

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The DrayTek Vigor 130 is an ADSL and VDSL modem with an Ethernet connection; it is not a router but a true ADSL/VDSL Ethernet Modem (bridge). This DrayTek Vigor 130 provides compatibility with all current UK VDSL/ADSL technologies; it has been extensively tested and tuned to provide a robust and reliable DSL connection. 


Key Features

  • ADSL and VDSL (FTTP/BT Infinity) Ethernet Modem
  • Bridge (pass) a single IP address or a whole public subnet
  • Ideal Partner device for DrayTek dual-WAN products
  • Ethernet Connection for client device (router, PC etc.)
  • ADSL and VDSL Parameters pre-set for UK ISPs (adjustable)
  • Support for MTU1508 (Jumbo Frames)
  • PPPoA/PPPoE Bridging compatible with ISPs running IPv6
  • Normally no setup/configuration of the modem required
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Compatible


PPPoE bridge

By providing a PPPoE bridge, the connected device (firewall, router or PC) can log into the Internet (your ISP) directly and have full control over the Internet connection  - that makes the DrayTek Vigor 130 a unique product. You can connect any device to the DrayTek Vigor 130 which has a PPPoE client facility, which includes PCs, most Ethernet-WAN routers and the Apple Airport/Time Capsule products.


No setup or configuration - just plug it

Other Ethernet 'modems' may use workarounds to get a public IP address 'through' to your secondary device/client, requiring non-standard operation and complicated dual-stage setup (modem logs in, router routes) but the DrayTek Vigor 130 provides the secondary device with a real routed IP connection and the ability to fully manage the connection, making setup easy. In most cases, the DrayTek Vigor 130 needs no setup or configuration - just plug it in and set up your PC or router. All login/ISP details are entered on the connected client device, not the DrayTek Vigor 130. The actual connection to your ISP is still PPPoA or PPPoE (depending on your ISP and line type).


True single public IP address

This transparent bridging method also differs from using a normal ADSL/VDSL router which logs in itself and then uses NAT or multiple public IP addresses to create an onward client connection for your secondary device; that is not IP Address thrifty and can introduce secondary NAT compromises or interference with various protocols/traffic. With the DrayTek Vigor 130 bridge/modem, you get a true single public IP address (or multiple, if you have them) straight through to your firewall/router.

Additional Information

Short Description Draytek Vigor 130 ADSL/VDSL Ethernet Modem (Bridge) Ideal for UTM/Firewalls and Apple Airport
SKU V130-K
EAN 4716779075168
Specification No
Manufacturer Draytek
Reviews No
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